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USB Wireless Dual Phone Model:VoIP-W2D
• Skype and PSTN in one.
• 2.4GHz ISM Band, suitable for Europe, USA, Japan etc
• Handfree with digital echo cancellation
• Large graphic LCD with blue backlight
• Review Skype/PSTN contacts and call list on handset LCD
• Device rings for all incoming calls
• FSK/DTMF caller ID for PSTN
• Multi-language caller ID display feature
• Auto-select RF channel to improve the quality of voice
• Twenty contact books are available
USB Dual Phone Model:VoIP-T4K
• Make/Receive both Skype calls and regular PSTN calls
• 2-in-1 telephone: VoIP(Internet Telephone) and PSTN(Normal Telephone) in one.
• Multi-channel call available.
• Commercial grade speakerphone£¬ideal for conference calls.
• LCD with backlight.
• Caller ID function of skype calls and regular PSTN calls.
• PSTN and VoIP calling history reviewable.
• Phone rings for incoming calls, ring style and volume selectable
• Echo cancellation, noise reduction, full duplex communication
• PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone, Phone to Phone operation
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