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DianSou is a leader of USB VoIP Phones provider. DianSou have placed more than 200K VoIP phones and adapters in worldwide market for several years. Since then, the quality of products has been highly approved by the market and the end-users. ChanTion have more than 20 engineers in R&D department, we developed VoIP hardware and software with proprietary technologies, so we can provide top OEM service.

With Skype now offering consumers free, unlimited, superior-quality voice calls via its next-generation peer-to-peer software, Internet telephony is expected to grow out of its infancy and be the next best thing in global telecommunication. And seeing the potential of this new software, we designed our USB VoIP phones specifically for Skype.

Eight new models in 2005, we has launched over 800,000 VoIP phones since 2001 and are releasing eight more new models this year. Our 30 R&D engineers also provide OEM and ODM support, with capability for proprietary software and hardware development. Our monthly production capacity is 200,000 units.

We source most of the raw materials in mainland China in order to control the production cost effectively. ICs are imported from the USA for reliable quality. With FCC and CE approvals, we products are popular in South Europe.

We also provides USB video phones, Gateway and wireless phone. Contact us today.

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